Family Woodland Holiday

Make unforgettable memories on a family woodland holiday in our unique haven in the spectacular Wicklow wilderness.

As your children finally go off and about and make new friends at forest school, you get to have some well deserved me time with the only thing on your todo list being rest, recuperation and rekindling relationships.

All You Need

Everything is included leaving you time to chill out, feast on delicious healthy meals, hike, meditate, or enjoy a yoga class whilst you rejuvenate without having to worry about entertaining the smallies.

The youngsters will get a big welcome from our experienced staff and woodland outdoor adventure. They’re experts at building confidence while having lots of fun.

We know from personal experience that family breaks can be stressful. Experience something altogether different in this “everything included family woodland holiday” accommodating only a small group of families in a luxury venue, giving you space to unwind.

Forest school is suitable for children of 5 and older to join. Younger children are welcome but will need a parent to supervise. Theres something for everyone to learn at forest school.

Local babysitters numbers are available if you wish to book them.

Here is a little more of what we have to offer

Event Details

  • Start Date: Monday 20th July 2020
  • End Date: Thursday 23rd July 2020
  • Time: 07:42 - 07:42
  • Duration: 4 Days/ 3 Nights


Monday 20th July

10:00 a.m Drop off to forest school with picnic

10:30 – 11:45 a.m Yoga

12:00 Hike with packed lunch

3:00 Get back and clean up

3:00 Kid collection

Free time – Massage available (extra charge)

6:00 Wood fired Pizza

7:00 Kids film with minders/ Adult Free time 

Tuesday 21st 

08:30 a.m  Breakfast

10:00 a.m  Drop off to forest school with picnic

10:30 a.m  Yoga to unwind

12:00 p.m Hike with packed lunch

14:00 p.m  Get back and clean up and veg out – hot tub will be ready for the day

15:00 p.m  Kid collection

Free time – Massage available

18:00 p.m  Dinner

19:00 p.m Hot tub time

Wednesday 22nd – Family day

8:30-9:30 a.m  Breakfast

10:30 – 11:45 a.m  Family yoga 

12:00 p.m  Family Forest walk and picnic

3:00 p.m  Free time to mingle with all your new friends

6:00 p.m Dinner

7:00 p.m Kids film/family disco

Thursday 23rd

8:30-9:30 a.m  Breakfast

11:00 a.m  Checkout


What's Included

Pretty much all you need:

  • 3 nights stay in family rooms
  • 3 breakfasts
  • 3 lunches + packed lunches
  • Forest camp from 10-3:00 for 2 days for children 5 and older
  • 3 evening meals
  • Yoga classes
  • Guided Hikes
  • A hot tub evening



Make new family friends surrounded by nature

No need to cook or clean!

Entertained and nurtured children

More about forest school:

  • learn about nature and protecting it
  • foraging and fire making to make forest food and drinks
  • learn social skills to mind each other and be compassionate to themselves
  • build confidence
  • play games
  • build and make stuff from nature
  • they come back sooooo happy and fulfilled. It’s amazing!


Per Room €579 One adult and one child 

Extra adult – €295

Per extra child – €195

For children under 5 not attending forest school – €129  (childminding available with private sitters locally – we can supply numbers).


Bev Porrino

With more than 30 years of experience within the health and wellness arena, Bev brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her practice. She is a Neuromuscular Therapist and teaches Anatomy & Physiology to Yoga Teacher Trainees. in addition she’s an NLP practitioner with a keen interest in Neuroscience and behavioural sciences.

Bev has a deep understanding of the human body and how it prioritises movement, health and wellness. Prior to her therapy work, Bev trained as a nurse and went on to work in acute and front line services such as Emergency Duty Teams and developing stress management strategies for the workforce.

She specialises in respiratory health and Neuromuscular Activation, helping people to understand how the brain communicates with the body after it has become compromised through injury or illness. She is dedicated to helping people understand how amazing their bodies are, and with a few tools and better information, how they can change states both physically and emotionally, even after a long term illness and chronic injuries. She shares how good breathing habits have a huge impact on energy, back pain, movement, removing toxins and general health.

Bev delivers courses, workshops and seminars on topics ranging from, Stress Management, Yoga & Muscle Activation, Somatic Movement, Holistic Anatomy and Physiology, Sleep cycles & Resilience. She is the creator of Activate Your Asana, Postural Reset and Neuroconnective Movement.

Lisa Wilkinson

Lisa is queenbee of The elbowroom in Dublin and The elbowroom escape in Wicklow. She is the proverbial Duracell Bunny, teacher, potter, gardener, baker, health enthusiast and passionate foodie. But first and foremost, proud mother to two fabulous children.

The elbowroom escape is also Lisa's home and she can be often spotted knee-deep in some kind of muck, hosting retreats, writing or brewing a variety of concoctions in her cabin.

She built her pottery studio after studying in Dublin and has been focusing on throwing the tableware for the kitchens and guests at The escape.