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Think small for your big day

Posted in News on 20th July 2020

As Princess Beatrice showed, when it comes to getting married in 2020, even the British Royal Family has to...

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elbowroom escape wedding

Mindfulness – The key to Wedding Day peace of mind

Posted in News on 17th July 2020

When you consider it’s probably the biggest day of your life, one where you’re the centre of attention for...

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Safety Measures COVID 19

Posted in News on 9th March 2020

The safety of our guests and employees are of paramount importance to us. At The elbowroom escape, we are...

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How to survive a baby part 2: sensory milestones, what to expect …

Posted in News on 13th January 2020

What developmental milestones do I need to look out for in my newborn? And how can I use play...

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7 fascinating facts about Lugnaquilla

Posted in News on 5th January 2020

We thought you might enjoy learning seven fascinating facts about Lugnaquilla. From its geological credentials to the origin of its...

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Want to know what to lug up The Lug? Here’s our kit list for your big hike up Lugnaquilla

With  Lugnaquilla literally in the back garden, Wicklow’s highest mountain – here’s our kit list on what to pack...

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How to survive a new baby: part 1 – self-care

Posted in News on 1st January 2020

It’s difficult to know how having a new baby is going to affect you in those early months. Three...

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How to reset your sleep cycle

In a previous blog, we explored why it is important to get enough sleep, how much sleep is enough...

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Energy Hacks for Building a Resilient Workplace Culture: Part Four

Posted in News on 29th August 2019

2 hacks for harnessing ‘relating’ energy KeepWell Mark accredited organisations build resilient workplace cultures. They ensure employees are strong...

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Energy Hacks for Building a Resilient Workplace Culture: Part Three

Posted in News on 23rd July 2019

2 hacks for harnessing ‘doing’ energy How do you build a resilient workplace, the sort worthy of  KeepWell Mark...

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