Is it Time to Book Your Summer Retreat?

As the days begin to stretch and the darkness of winter retreats, like spring flowers we tilt our faces to the pale sunlight and allow strands of light and thoughts of summer to dance through our minds.

Beautiful as that sounds, the reality is that the shops have ended their Final Spring Sales” campaign and just behind the St Patrick’s day celebrations, the fluffy chicks and Easter eggs, you can feel the new summer fashions jostle for position.

Although you may be a teeny bit irked by the fact that you have barely recovered from Christmas as the travel adverts hit the TV, the truth is, that it’s always good for the soul to have something to look forward to.  So go on, rally your besties and get busy.


Will you go far away to a sun-kissed beach or choose to avoid the mass exodus through the airport? The first has the promise of sunshine and the anticipation of what’s waiting for you. The second will allow you to travel at your leisure. To maximise the time you have to spend on yourself and escape to nature.


If you are going with a few friends it might be worth looking around for a place that will take your group exclusively. The joy of sharing with people you know reaps many obvious benefits. From the familiarity of each other. The planning, the sharing, the remember whens and building new memories.  Just being around people who make you want to burst with love and laughter.

It could also be better financially to book as a group and if you want specific activities and food you can have them tailor made for you.

Who would you take with you? It’s time to make your list and look for a venue that will deliver all that you need.

Posted in News on 4th April 2017